Tambayoyin da aka ma Dan Takarar Gwamnar Jihar Kaduna Isa Ashiru Kudan


Yanzu haka a twitter ana nan ana ma Dan takarar gwamnar Kadun Rt. Hon Isa Ashiru kudan tambayoyi wanda akayi “Hash tag” #askisaashiru2019. Ga dai wasu daga cikin tambayoyin kuma insha Allah munana muna bibiya zamu sake saka muku wasu daga cikin tambayoyin.

Question: In what way would your administration differ from the current as regards having different part of Kaduna tolerate one another? How would you bring an end to the conflict that has been going on in Southern Kaduna? Jobs creation?

Answer: The biggest issues are that of the sincerity of purpose of government in preventing, managing and resolving ethno-religious conflicts. Just like under the Makarfi’s administration 1999-2007, which I was a part of, we will adopt proactive steps.

As much as we believe in your government sir…. Do you have any strategy to stop or minimize the current administration from rigging ?

Thank you very much for your question. We will do our very best to put an end to electoral malpractice from the polling units to the State collation centre. We however urge our supporters to come out en masse to vote and defend their votes.

sir, what would do about the sacking of over 20,000 teachers by the government and also the District Heads that was sacked?

This issue is dear to us, because sacking such huge number without palliatives considering the mouths they feed is not only inhuman but should be condemned. We will surely review & reinstate those unfairly disengaged & empower the rest. As against sacking, we plan to do a participatory needs assessment, then train and retrain teachers for professionalism and effective service delivery.

Nima kaina na tambayeshi..

My Question: Since in the beginning of time, leaders have risen to take charge of the society & make decision but youth always play no role in making such decision because they are not in a sit of power. Sir @IsaAshiruKudan if elected, what is your plan for the youth? Via @emjaheed

@isaashirukudan Youth bulge is a reality that is here with us and no responsible government can ignore this fact. I intend to mainstream youth in governance and expand the space for them to participate in decision making at all levels. #AskIsahAshiruKudan2019